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8月1日(土)より下記チラシの通り、RBL CAFEの営業スタイルが変わります。



*Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Seating charge: 200 yen (incl. tax) per 30 minutes.

Example: If you use the cafe for 2 hours & 30 minutes, the cost will be 1,000 yen (2:01 to 2:30 minutes counted as same price).

  • No need to order any drinks.
  • Bring your own drinks (make sure it has a lid) but no food allowed.
  • You can order drinks at a special weekday rate (all drinks half price except for beer).


*Saturdays, Sundays, & Holidays

One order of drink allows you to stay 120 minutes.

After 120 minutes, there will be a charge of 200 yen (incl. tax) per 30 minutes of excess time, regardless of second drink ordered.

Example: If you order a coffee and stay for 2 hours and 30 minutes, the total cost will be 700 yen (coffee) + 400 yen (seat charge) = 1100 yen.

  • Every guest must order one drink.
  • All second drinks are half price(except for beer).
  • Please do not bring your own drinks.
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